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  • Seasoned flatbread
  • Chocolate cake slice with cream puffs
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Our Story

Maruti Restaurant is an authentic and contemporary Indian restaurant located here in Portland, Oregon. After honing our culinary skills with our original location in Mt. Shasta, California, where we earned a five-star Yelp rating, we are delighted to present a gracious Indian dining experience to individuals and families in this beautiful city. Come enjoy excellent vegetarian food accompanied with outstanding service and a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

Our Indian cuisine with its broad ranged menu, combined with a healthy, relaxed and friendly ambiance, brings a unique and special addition to the local dining scene. We aim to provide an exceptional experience by serving quality food sourced with the best ingredients at reasonable prices here in our charming Hawthorne District neighborhood location.

The food itself brings a sense of culture and nutritious benefits found in a typical well-balanced diet. The menu consists of home-style signature dishes and specialized premium dishes. All dishes have a distinctive spice twist ensuring the palate is enthralled with extraordinary flavors.

With the rapid and continuous emerging health consciousness and awareness, Maruti restaurant brings forward the Ayurvedic tradition with a fresh approach, along with food to suit various diets including gluten free, paleo and vegan diets. We embrace people from all walks of diets and living styles, giving everyone an outstanding and unforgettable experience. Even meat lovers will be amazed by the meat-like texture and taste of our exclusive recipe Paneer Tikka dish.

With an ever increasing earth-caring society, Maruti restaurant endeavours to be environmentally sustainable, support local businesses and residents, and be an integral and encouraging part of the economic growth of Portland.

Maruti Restaurant’s primary mission is to provide the finest Indian meal and dining experience in a naturally openhearted and warm setting. Our aim is to go beyond the expectations of our customers and provide a memorable experience that keeps you joyfully coming back for more.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.


Falguni Khanna
Founder and Maruti’s Visionary

Falguni is India-born and raised and came to the US in 1994. A lifelong exploration of health and wellbeing, especially in diet, nutrition and exercise, along with the energetic arts, has given her a wide range of experience and wisdom in healthy living. Coupled with her many years of management and server experience in the restaurant industry, she has also been noted for her outstanding customer service skills, organization, leadership, and management abilities in banking, software and airline industries.

Maruti Restaurant embodies Falguni’s heartfelt vision to establish a successful venue that brings an uplifting and rewarding experience to the customers, staff, environment and community at large. Falguni uses her mother's traditional homemade recipes and re-imagines them for a unique, healthy and inspired presentation that excites the palate.

Rudra Parmar
Operations Manager and Executive Chef

Rudra hails from England where he earned his B.A. in Computer Science and established himself in the field of project and retail management. His broad management proficiency is a key asset in owning and operating a restaurant like Maruti where a wide variety of knowledge and talent is necessary for success in the restaurant industry. Rudra brings his aptitude, innate communication and leadership ability, infrastructure expertise, and his personal enthusiasm for a health-focused, community friendly restaurant.

As Executive Chef, Rudra lovingly orchestrates and oversees the entire process from initial ingredient selection, conscious and loving entree creation, to personalized table presentation, ensuring the highest quality experience for everyone.